Thanksgiving Challenge - DAY 4

Now it is time to get your offer seen!

Facebook Business Page

Facebook Group Page

YouTube Channel

What's the difference???


YouTube Organic Marketing Bootcamp

What is YouTube?

What is Organic Marketing?

Screenshare vs Taking Head Video

What Equipment do You Need?


1. Watch the replay of the day 1 video.
2. Look at your own YouTube profile and see what types of videos are showing up in the “recommended” area. Is it related to what you have previously searched and viewed on YouTube?
3. Review several other YouTube channels and see how they are built. Notice the order of the videos and how their channel is laid out.
4. Get ready for Day 2!

Creating a YouTube Channel

Configuring Your New YouTube Channel

1. Watch the replay for day 2.
2. Create a YouTube Channel

Creating a Video with Screencastomatic

Editing the Video to get it Ready for YouTube

Adding an Intro and Outro

Adding the Custom Thumbnail

1. Review replay for Day 3
2. Create your video and get ready to edit and upload!
3. See you on Day 4!

Adding A Description

Working with Tags

Adding Playlists


1. Watch the replay for day 4
2. Work on Your descriptions, tags, and add some playlists.
3. Get ready for Day 5!
You are almost done!


Default Video Settings

Creator vs YouTube Studio

1. Watch the replay for day 5
2. Now go out and CONQUER YouTube!

Basic Video Editing

Some of these are trainings can only be found in the Product Launch Facebook Group - so if you are NOT part of the group yet, be sure to join the group to watch the trainings! Don't forget to answer ALL 3 questions to be admitted to the group! See you inside! - Terri

You CAN Do This!